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We hope that this section will grow as material is digitised.  For now you can read about the activities of the Archives and Publications Committee and find a link to the previous Gorsedh Kernow website, which has a wealth of detail. There are also links to photo galleries and videos.

Archived pages from the February 2015+ site.

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Archives and Publications Committee

At a meeting of the Archive and Publications Committee February 2015

The purpose of the Gorsedh Archives is to collect and disseminate information from all sources for research purposes.

Gorsedh Kernow has been collecting printed material, including books and photographs, together with audio-visual items relating to bardic activities going back to its foundation in 1928.

Recently much of this information has been sorted, filed and entered onto a computer database, in order to make these resources more easily available. Other material is still kept in files for immediate reference.

A small group has been looking after this material consisting of Ann Trevenen Jenkin, Mark Dungey, Janet Axten and Cora Boyns Buchanan.

For more information or to consult the archives contact or phone 01736 850332.


The Archives and Publications Committee held its Autumn meeting on 22nd October 2018, at Blackwater Village Hall.  This is a new venue for us as we usually meet at the Cornwall Record Office, but the Office is closed whilst they relocate to Kresen Kernow.

The main event this year has been the completion and publication of "Cornish Bards from Newquay and District", which was first available at the beginning of the Gorsedh celebrations at the Esedhvos Festival, held at the Hotel Bristol at Newquay.  Thanks to the hard work of Newquay Bard Chris Blount and his team of helpers, research was carried out to compile biographical information on Bards of the area using material from the Archives and local knowledge and published sources to compile the book.  Members of the Archive team provided a list of local Bards and guided the local group. On completion of many hours of work by Chris and his merry men, the manuscripts and photographs were handed to the Archive team to be prepared for publication, including indexing, typesetting, choosing the cover design and binding.

Eventually the deadlines were met and the book with its colourful yellow cover, was ready to be launched on the opening day of the Esedhvos. Copies are available to purchase from the Gorsedh Kernow website , by sending an email to or from Kowsva at Heartlands (£3.00).

We have plans for a major, new publication for next year and meticulous work by two members of the team has begun already.  More information on this project will be available soon.    

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Kovskrifow ha Dyllansow

Ni a wayt y hwra tevi an tregh ma ha devnydh usi ow pos rivenegys. Y’n eur ma hwi a yll redya a-dro dhe wriansow an Kessedhek Kovskrifow ha Dylansow ha kavos kevren dhe’n kyns gwiasva Gorsedh Kernow, hag yw rych gans manylyon. Yma ynwedh kevrennow dhe mirvaow ha videos.

Folennow kovskrif dhyworth an wiasva mis Hwevreer 2015+

Kyns gwiasva Gorsedh Kernow


Kessedhek Kovskrifow ha Dyllansow

Dyllansow Gorsedh Kernow

Towl  Kovskrifow an Orsedh yw dhe guntel ha plontya kedhlow dhyworth pub fenten rag porposys hwithrans.

Gorsedh Kernow re beu ow kuntel daffar hag a syns ynno lyvrow ha skeusennow war-barth gans taklow klewwelyek perthynek dhe wriansow bardhek a-dhia hy selyans yn 1928.

A-gynsow rann vras a'n kedhlow re beu digemyskys, restrennys ha gorrys war sel-manylyon, may hyll bos an asnodhow ma kavadow gans es.

Bagas byghan re beu ow kwitha an daffar ma, hag a syns ynno Ann Trevenen Jenkin, Mark Dungey, Janet Axten ha Cora Boyns Buchanan

Rag kedhlow pella po rag hwithra an govskrifva, kestavewgh mar pleg orth po pell. 01736 850332


An Kessedhek Kovskrifow ha Dylansow  a synsis y kuntelles Kynyav 22a a vis Hedra 2018 yn Hel Wig Blackwater.  Hemm yw le nowydh ragon.  Dell usys ny a wra omvettya dhe’n Sodhva Kovadhow Kernow.  Y’n pols ma yth yw an Sodhva deges hag i omvovya dhe Gresen Kernow.

An hwarvos chyf an vledhen ma re beu an kowlwryans ha dyllans ‘Berdh Kernow a Dewyn Blustri ha Ranndir’ hag o kavadow dhe’n kynsa pris dhe dhalleth an Esedhvos, synsys dhe Ostel Bristol dhe Dewin Blustri. Gras a’n ober kales Bardh Tewin Blustri Chris Blount ha’y vagas a weresoryon, hwythrans a veu gwrys rag kevernya kedhlow bewgrafek a-dro dhe Verdh a’n ranndir owth usya daffar dhyworth an kovskrifennow hag aswonvos leel ha pennfentynyow dyllys rag kollenwel an lyver. Eseli a’n bagas Kovskrif a brovias rol a Verdh a’n le ha lewya an bagas leel.  Wosa meur a ourys a ober gans Chris hag y ‘dus veri’, an skrifow ha’n skeusennow a veu res dhe’n bagas Kovskrif rag bos pareusys rag dillans, ow komprehendya meneges, jynn-skrifa, dewis an desin kudhlen ha kolmans.

Wostiwedh an linennow marow a veu metyes ha’n lyver gans y gudhlen melyn liwus o parys dhe vos lonchys an kynsa dydh a’n Esedhvos.  Hwi a yl prena dasskrifow dhyworth a wiasva Gorsedh Kernow (, yn unn dhanvon ebost dhe po dhyworth Kowsva – an gwerthji Kernewek dhe Krestir (Heartlands) (£3.00).

Yma towlennow dhyn rag dyllans nowydh bras rag nessa bledhen hag yma dew esel a’n bagas owth oberi seulabrys yn y gever.  Y fydh kedhlow pella kavadow a-dro dhe ragdres ma yn skon.




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