Gorsedh Kernow Awards and Competitions

Award winners Hanterhir with Grand Bard Elizabeth Carne (2019)

We are delighted at the growing success of the Gorsedh Kernow Awards, especially after such a difficult year. We are, however, taking the opportunity to review and enhance the award scheme for 2021. An announcement of these changes will be made soon along with dates for entries. Watch this space!

The Gorsedh Kernow Awards and Competitions 2020 results are here! In light of COVID-19 restrictions, we are celebrating our award winners’ achievements online this year. Please visit our poster 'gallery' to discover some of the amazing people that have earned awards this time. You can see all our award and competition winners here  – Adults' results. Young People’s results. . We also have two films, introduced Grand Bard Elizabeth Carne, featuring a selection of award winners’ work. Adults. Young People. Keslowena! Congratulations to all our award winners!

You can download the films by right-clicking and selecting 'Save Link As'.


The “Gorsedh Kernow Awards and Competitions” replaces the old awards and Thecompetitions.  The change to a more flexible system will enable us to recognise and celebrate a much greater range of Cornish cultural activity alongside of the more traditional arts and literary entries. It will also open the doors to new media technologies.

A special awards ceremony is held during the Esedhvos week before the Gorsedh Kernow ceremony on the first Saturday of September 2019. The awards ceremony will also include displays, presentations and performances by award winners. Full details will be posted on this website and in the Esedhvos Programme nearer the date.

The Gorsedh Kernow Awards are divided into “Adults” and “Young People”. Leaflets in pdf format will give more detailed information about the awards and how to submit . Please feel free to circulate these to anyone you feel may be interested. There is no restriction on who may submit an entry.

The aims of Gorsedh Kernow include “to maintain the national Celtic Spirit of Cornwall and to give expression to such spirit, to encourage the study of Cornish history, literature and the Cornish language, Kernewek”.  Awards will be given to submissions which realise these aims and demonstrate exceptional quality of work.   This work might be in the arts, sports, Cornish studies or community service.

If you have any further questions please contact us via these emails:



Gallery of the Awards Evening 2019

Gallery of the Awards evening 2018

Gallery of the Awards evening 2017

Gallery of the Awards evening 2016

You can download a video containing several winning entries for the 2019 Awards here. This may take several minutes to download.

Video 2018

Video 2017

Prize-winners list 2016



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Pewasow ha Kesstrifow Gorsedh Kernow

Award winners Jackie Gainey (for Stephen Gainey) and Matthew Clarke with Grand Bard Elizabeth Carne (2019)

Pes da on ni gweles fatel wra tevi an Pewasow Gorsedh Kernow, specyli wosa bledhen mar gales. Byttegyns, ni a wra seya an chons dhe dhasweles ha gwellhe an Pewasow rag 2021. An chanjys a vydh deklaryes yn skon gans an dedhyas etrans. Gwelewgh an spas ma!

Devedhys yw sewyansow Pewasow ha Kesstrifow Gorsedh Kernow 2020!  Awos fronansow Covid-19, yth eson ni ow solempnita kowlwriansow agan gwaynyoryon pewasow war-linen an vledhen ma.  Gwrewgh vysytya agan 'mirva' a skrisellow rag diskudha nebes a'n dus marthys neb re dhendylas pewasow an tro ma.  Hwi a yll gweles oll an waynyoryon omma.  TevesigyonTus Yowynk. Yma dew fylm ynwedh genen, komendyes gans Bardh Meur Elizabeth Carne. gans dewis a ober an waynyoryon pewasow ha kesstrifow. Tevesigyon. Tus Yowynk. Keslowena oll!


An “Pewasow ha Kesstrifow Gorsedh Kernow” a arleha an hen bewasow ha kesstrifow.  An chanj dhe system moy gwedhyn a wra agan galosegi aswon ha solempnya res liesgweyth brassa a wrians gonisogethek kernewek ryb tenewen a artys ha profyansow lienek moy hengovek. Y hwra ynwedh ygeri an darasow dhe teknologiethow media nowydh.

Yth yw synsys solempnita pewasow arbennek gorthugher dres an Esedhvos kens an solempnita Gorsedh Kernow an kensa dy'Sadorn a vis Gwynngala 2019. Y hwra an solempnita pewasow ynwedh komprehendya displetyansow, riansow ha gwrythow gans gwaynyoryon pewasow. Y fydh postys manylyon leun war an wiasva ma hag y’n Dowlen Esedhvos moy ogas dhe’n jydh.

An Pewasow Gorsedh Kernow yw rynnys yn “Tevesigyon” ha “Tus Yowynk”. Folenigow yn furvas pdf a wra provia kedhlow manylys moy a-dro dhe’n pewasow ha fatel yllir brofya. Mar pleg omglewewgh rydh dhe gylghresek an re ma dhe biw pynag a brederowgh a’s teves les. Nyns eus fronnans erbynn denvyth neb a vynn profya offryn.

Amkanow Gorsedh Kernow a gomprehend “dhe ventena an Spyrys Keltek kenedhlek a Gernow ha dhe ri omglewans dhe’n spyrys ma, dhe gennertha studhyans a istori, lien ha’n taves kernewek.” Y fydh pewasow res dhe brofyansow hag a aswon an amkanow ma ha diskwedhes gnas ankoth a ober. Y hyll bos an ober ma y’n artys, sportys, studhyansow kernewek po gonis kemenethek.

Mars eus genowgh govynadow pella mar pleg gwrewgh kestava orthyn der an drigvaow ebost ma.

Mars eus govynnow pella genowgh, kestavewgh genen mar pleg der an ebostow ma:



Mirva an Gorthugher Pewasow 2019

Mirva an Gorthugher Pewasow 2018

Mirva an Gorthugher Pewasow 2017

Mirva an Gorthugher Pewasow 2016

Video a niver a'n Pewasow 2019. An yskargans a wra martesen pesya nebes mynysen.

Video 2018

Video 2017

Rol a waynyoryon 2016




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